The Creative Source
Charles Michael Burack, Ph.D.
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Welcome to The Creative Source! 

Dr. Charles Burack is devoted to supporting the holistic growth, creative contribution and overall well-being of individuals and organizations.  He provides
services and resources for individuals who are exploring or already committed to spiritual paths that are creative, nontraditional or nondenominational, including interfaith and integral paths.  He also offer services and resources for organizations that are committed to sustainable innovation, mindful communication and authentic connection.  

Free resources include:  articles, presentations, meditations, stories, poems and prayers as well as recommended readings, films and songs. 

Fee-based services include: workshops, spiritual counseling, creativity coaching, life/work coaching and organizational consulting.

Keywords: spirituality, creativity, transformation, interfaith spirituality, integral spirituality, nontraditional, nondenominational, spiritual resources, cultural creative, spiritual but not religious, spiritual counseling, life/work coaching, creativity coaching, work visioning, creative arts, educational consulting, holistic education, transformative learning, transformative teaching, transformational pedagogy, transpersonal psychology, organizational consulting, workshops, seminars

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