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Leaves of Light (Apocryphile, 2016) (click on title to purchase)
  • Selections

Songs to My Beloved (Sacred Arts, 2012) (click on title to purchase)


D. H. Lawrence's Language of Sacred Experience: The Transfiguration of the Reader (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2005(click on title to purchase)


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Holistic Education

Responding to the Challenges of a Contemplative Curriculum

Returning Meditation to Education

Integral Spirituality

Six Senses of Interfaith Spirituality
Facing the Challenges of Integral Spirituality

Overcoming the Fear of Mixing Faith
Creating Integral Prayers and Meditations  

Speaking Silence: Poetry, Mysticism and Meditation

On Turning Sixty: Counsel from My Inner Wisdom on How to Live
(retitled as Ten Guides to a Good Life)

Wrestling with Prayer

Interfaith Spirituality

Counsel for Interfaith Leaders and Peacemakers

Healing Spirit: How Three Faiths Converged to Heal My Body and Spirit

Healing Spirit of Rumi

Meeting the Challenges of Interfaith Spiritual Direction

Becoming an Interfaith Spiritual Director

Reclaiming Jesus: An Ecumenical Jewish Perspective

A Visit to the Lhamo (Buddhist Shamanic Healer)


Cultivating Joy

Cultivating Oneness

Embracing the Many Names of the One

Kabbalah for All Peoples

Love's Ecstasies and Obligations

The Spiritual Power of Nothingness


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Embodying the Tree of Life: A Meditation (connecting with your sacred creative powers)

Forgiveness A Meditation

Inner Universe: A Meditation

Returning Meditation to Education (article)


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Blessing the World and All Its Inhabitants

Creating Integral Prayers and Meditations (article)

Cultivating Oneness (article)

Embracing the Many Names of the One (article)

Wrestling with Prayer (article)

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