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Workshops & Classes

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Creativity and Transformation, John F. Kennedy University, College of Psychology, Pleasant Hill, CA, July 2-August 21 (online course), 

Modern Mystic Poems as Pathways to Spiritual Experience, Fox Institute of Creation Spirituality, Boulder, CO, August 13-17 (onsite seminar), 

Professional Development Workshops

Finding and Following Your Inner Guidance at Work

Creative Power at Work

Social-Emotional Intelligence at Work

Work Visioning

Mindful Communication at Work

For detailed descriptions of organizational workshops, click Consulting.

Personal Development Workshops

Finding and Following Your Inner Guidance

Creative Power: The Art and Science of Creativity and Innovation

Cultivating Social-Emotional Intelligence through Mindfulness

Writing from Soul

Healing through Stories

Healing through Poetry

Experiencing Kabbalah

University Classes

Psychology and Consciousness Studies

Emotional Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Transpersonal Psychology

Humanistic Psychology

Spiritual Counseling

Healing Stories

Psychology of Creativity

Creativity and Transformation

Psychology of Well-Being

Metaphors and Symbols of Transformation

Kabbalah and Psychology

Social Psychology

Developmental Psychology

History of Psychology

Creative Arts

Spiritual Autobiography

Creativity and Transformation

Creativity and Intuition

World Literature

Literature and Spirituality

Literature and Consciousness

Writing as a Psycho-Spiritual Process

Modern Mystic Poetry

Healing Stories

Spirituality and Religion

Comparative Mysticism

Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to Kabbalah

Kabbalah and Psychology

World Religions

Spiritual Autobiography

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