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Charles Burack, Ph.D.
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Counseling & Coaching

Dr. Burack offers a variety of services for personal growth and professional development:

Life/Work Coaching

Are you ready to make a change in your life or career but are unsure which direction to take?  Have you already decided on a new direction but need assistance in planning your course of action or navigating toward your goals?  Are you seeking tools to resolve a conflict, repair a relationship, or get out of a stuck place?  Want to energize your development at work or at home?  Chuck will help you to clarify your purpose and passions and to chart your exciting new life/work vision.  He will support you as you face challenges and setbacks and will encourage you to set priorities and follow through on commitments.  He also provides advice and counsel when desired. Drawing on years of experience as a counselor and coach, he can share proven methods for enhancing personal and professional development.  These methods improve organization and time management, reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, boost productivity and creativity, and cultivate joy.

Creativity/Writing Coaching

Whatever your vocation or avocation, Dr. Burack will help you think, write and act with unbounded creativity.  In one-on-one exchanges, you learn ways to overcome creative blocks, let go of your inner critic, and access your limitless powers of thought, expression, and action.  You also learn practices for clearing and focusing your mind as well as techniques for elaborating and applying your creative intuitions.  These powerful approaches will optimize the quality of your work and your life!  Some of these approaches are described in More Resources.

Work Visioning

Dr. Burack offers a unique, experiential approach that will help you discover and manifest your work vision.  This integral approach has catalyzed major breakthroughs for hundreds of individuals in dozens of different fields and professions. You will discover the work vision that taps your innate passion, intuition, creativity, wisdom, joy, and compassion. You also have a chance to reflect on lessons gained from painful work experiences and to release blocks that keep you from wholeheartedly embracing and pursuing your new vision.   Some clients have development entirely new careers.  Others have enhanced their current positions or achieved promotions by developing new initiatives, duties, programs, services, and cooperative relationships.

Holistic Counseling

Are you seeking to deepen your inner life and galvanize soulful growth?  Do you want to bring more love and aliveness into your relationships--as well as more joy and peace? Are you hungry for connection, for wonder, for meaning? Holistic counseling is an interactive process that involves deep dialogue and reflection.  If you desire, it can also involve meditation, prayer, creative expression, and inspirational readings. The process supports your unique life path by honoring your callings, visions, dreams, values, and practices.  It will help you connect with your inner guidance and make your life more fulfilling, meaningful, and vibrant.

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